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Safouane Riani - Logistics Teacher @ University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam (HVA)

“We frequently played YGF as part of the Logistics program at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam). It is a fun and playful way to experience the complexity in logistics through an enjoyable game. Students also engage with aspects of sustainability and financing through this game.”

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Celine van der Linden - Professional Marketing & Communication @ H.ESSERS

“We have hands-on experienced how our synchromodal transport strategy works – all thanks to “You’ve Got Freight”! We were challenged to manage container transport like a true professional. The game has interactively shown us the challenges and opportunities that synchromodality brings. Furthermore, the game emphasized the crucial importance of collaboration in this sector. Definitely recommended for anyone in the logistics industry who wants to gain insights into synchromodality in a fun and educational way!”


Layla Lebesque - Consultant in Logistics @ TNO

“I played You’ve Got Freight! with great pleasure. It is an interactive game that accurately represents the complexity of synchromodal transport. The bottlenecks in the network become visible immediately. And the game shows you that collaboration and open communication are valuable, while coordination across different routes and modalities is very complex.”


Heide Lukosch - Associate Professor @ Delft University of Technology

“You’ve got freight is a professional and engaging way to explore synchromodal transportation options. Especially the role collaboration and communication plays in this field, is translated into a challenging and enjoyable game play. It’s serious work and a lot of fun at the same time!”



During an internal event with colleagues from various departments, we thoroughly enjoyed playing the You’ve Got Freight game. This interactive game effectively demonstrates the concept of synchromodal transportation and emphasizes the importance of collaboration within the supply chain. By working together, we can achieve the optimal combination of cost, sustainability (CO2), and speed for our clients. Logisticians, we highly recommend this serious game as it provides valuable insights and entertainment!


Pleun van der Kooy - sustainable logistics specialist @ PostNL

“You’ve Got Freight! is a fantastic game that combines logistics and sustainability. You must deliver products with as little cost, time and, above all, emissions as possible, and collaborate with other players to find smart solutions. The game is realistic and shows in an inspiring way what challenges there are in practice. I enjoyed it a lot, much more fun than just any presentation on this subject. I recommend it to anyone who works in logistics and is concerned with sustainability.”


Lori Tavasszi - Professor, Freight & Logistics @ Delft University of Technology

“A must-have-experience for all students, researchers and practitioners in logistics, who want to understand synchronized shipping of freight in multimodal networks.”


Frans Nieman @ Rijkswaterstaat

“You’ve Got Freight! offers a great understanding of how decisions on modality affect lead time, infrastructure utilization, and emphasize the importance of collaboration. An excellent tool to kick-start the discussion on varying modes of transport!”


Janneke van Wetten - Marketing & Communications Manager @ Renault Trucks Netherlands


“With a part of the team from Renault Trucks Netherlands, we played a facilitated knowledge session. We played in teams, comprising a mix of sales, sales support, and marketing colleagues—specializations that don’t typically deal with synchromodality in our daily work.

We played two different game rounds, each with a different objective. In one round, the goal was to get the transports to their destination as cost-effectively as possible. In the other round, the aim was to minimize CO2 emissions and transport as sustainably as possible. It was an informative session where we got to know our colleagues in a different way, and the enjoyable aspect was that each team won at least once!

As employees of Renault Trucks Netherlands, the importer of Renault Trucks lorries, we gained a simple but educational insight into the world of transporters and logistics planners. During this session, we had the opportunity to sit in the chair of many of our customers. Thanks, Amber! We’ve become a bit wiser!”


Oliver Schauer - Professor @ University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

“YGF allows to experience the challenging mechanisms of synchromodality in a gamified, fun way”



“The game is a great way to demonstrate the importance of mutual trust and sharing information. One cannot exist without the other, but with both, everyone benefits. What’s interesting is that even if you play the game to the best of your abilities, you can still lose because others cooperate better.”

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