Would you like to have the game physically available so you can facilitate it whenever you want? Choose our ready-to-play game package.

Innovative teaching

The game offers a different way of teaching, in other words: innovative teaching. Veering off the beaten path and engaging students interactively to keep them interested.

This way, we can inspire young students for the logistics sector.

Online or offline training

We offer training sessions, which can be done online with a camera on the board or offline with teachers in the classroom. We teach you all aspects of the game and provide you with unique insights that you can share with your students.

Schools abroad are already using this unique game.


  • Train-the-trainer session of 1 or 2 hours (online)
  • Full explanation of the game with support.
  • Design for debriefing with best practices.
  • Explanation of application in education.
  • Game package with 2 game boards (can be used with +- 24 players)

Schedule an appointment

For ready-to-play game packages we offer a training session for facilitators. You can choose for an online or in person session.

Are you interested in a fully facilitated session instead? Read additional information here.

The game can be played with 4 to 16 participants. For more than 16 participants, we provide an additional game facilitator. The game is played for a minimum of 2 hours and then discussed. We are flexible with the day and time, so feel free to call to schedule an appointment.

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