This session is tailored to the needs of your organization. Our professional facilitators support the game. And the complexity of synchromodality is extensively discussed both during and after the game. Fun and educational at the same time, what else could you want?

The game can be used in multiple ways. Think of:

A team day or training/workshop with employees

A fun interaction with (new) customers

As an introduction to the profession of freight forwarder or logistics service provider

A unique part of your event

New insights for your organization

YFG! is unique and suitable for all companies in the transport sector.

Even a Zalando, Amazon, or Bol.com. The game provides new insights, which can ultimately make a world of difference for your organization. From improved collaboration, to more sustainable business practices, reduced CO2 emissions, and more efficient transport.

Ideaal for team building

In addition to providing new insights, this serious game is just plain fun to play. It’s a board game, which means everyone wants to win. Participants are always very enthusiastic, which adds a lot of fun. Ideal for team building.

Suitable for trade shows

If your company is at a trade show, this is the ideal icebreaker. You get to know new colleagues and customers. We play the game for about 20 minutes, which leads to valuable conversation topics.

Make an appointment

The game can be played with 4 to 16 participants. With more than 16 participants, we provide an additional game facilitator. The game is played and discussed during a session of around 2 hours. We are flexible with the dates and time, so feel free to call and schedule an appointment.

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