You've Got Freight!

A serious game about synchromodality: the game for vocational colleges, universities, transport companies, and companies who want to improve their collaboration. After playing this unique game, you will know how to run a more sustainable business, reduce CO2 emissions, deliver reliably, collaborate with intent, and reduce costs for your company. This game was developed on behalf of a consortium TNO, Prorail, the Amsterdam Port, Rotterdam Port, and Delft University of Technology.


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5 benefits of the game You’ve Got Freight!


You learn how to engage in effective collaboration and improve occupancy rates.


You succeed in better supporting various modalities.

Cost Reduction

By improving occupancy rates, you save costs.


Implementing synchromodality means opting for environmentally effective choices.

CSDR Legislation

You encourage your organization to comply with CSRD obligations.

You've Got Freight! includes elements such as:

  • Fluctuating costs and velocities of different modes of transport.
  • The use of dynamic and flexible planning.
  • The possibilities of merging or splitting freight at terminals.

You experience the importance of the key aspects of synchromodal transport, such as reliability, data sharing, negotiations, and fees.

You also discover collaborative solutions that lead to better outcomes, compared to independently developed solutions.

Collaboration partners

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Renault Trucks
Hogeschool van Amsterdam
TU Delft


Facilitated Session

This session is tailored to your organization’s needs. The complexity of synchromodality is discussed extensively during and after the game. Educational and fun l at the same time, what else could you want?

The game can be used in multiple ways, examples are:

  • A team day or training/workshop with employees.
  • A fun interaction with (new) customers.
  • As an introduction to the profession of freight forwarder or logistics service provider.

Ideal for logistics and technical companies: an educational and enjoyable way to gain insight into decision making.

Ready-to-play Game Package

Would you like to have the game physically available so you can facilitate it whenever you want? Choose our ready-to-play game package.

We offer training so you can facilitate sessions yourself and make the most of it. The training can be completed both online and offline. Perfect to include in your curriculum and play often.

Suitable for vocational schools, colleges, and universities: a fun way to inspire students and educate about the logistics sector.

New: pocket version YGF!

We have developed a pocket version of our game, ideal as a business gift or gift. You can even have the game printed with your company’s branding. It’s something different than a bottle of wine.

Surprise your relations with a sustainable, educational and exciting game. It can be used multiple times, and is always fun to play!

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What can the game facilitate for you?



Do you want to do something unique, fun, and educational? Discover it during a game of YGF!, and don’t forget: everyone wants to win.


Discussion Starter

Based on the events in the game, real-life situations are brought up to reflect on and learn from.



No tedious events and lengthy PowerPoints. Instead, an interactive game and participation. Rijkswaterstaat has already tried it out for  you.


Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge sharing is an inherent part of playing YGF! Discuss specific situations or choices, and learn from each other.


Collaborate with Stakeholders

Imagine you have a complex problem with multiple stakeholders. How do you effectively work together? YGF! helps you move forward.


Introduction to Students

A first introduction to the transport sector? In the form of a fun and educational game? YGF! gets you excited.

What our customers say

Experiences of participants

Lori Tavasszy – Professor Freight and Logistics @ Delft University of Technology
A must-have-experience for all students, researchers and practitioners in logistics, who want to understand synchronized shipping of freight in multimodal networks.

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